The products of OpticSensing are developed for helping people in researching fields as photonic, fluorescence spectroscopy and optical sensors. New solutions improve the quality of research developed in laboratories and facilitates to the development of new products in companies.


A biosensor is an analytical device used as biological detection. They can be used in chemical, biological, pharmaceutical and medical applications. In this last one, the main objective is to detect the sickness before the people feel symptomatic and be able to treat them. This is called early diagnosis.


The devices are designed for improving the actual capabilities of the same type of devices characteristics. In function of their objective,OpticSensing Technology improves the device functionality according to the needs of the field it is supposed to be working for, in order to achieve better results, and .


New device development is the main objective of OpticSensing Technology. The development of new optical fiber sensors, the research and investments in photonic, sensor and optical fiber applications opens a new device developing range according to the needs and new technologies.

Company ideology

  • Updated

    Updated products according to new researching fields.

  • Improvement

    Continuous improvement for growing up photonics market.

  • Global

    Global solution for worldwide researchers and laboratories.

Our commitment

  • OpticSensing brings solutions for today's optical laboratories problems with new generation sensing technologies and optical equipment.